Fellas, you know the woman who has you saved as “Food” in her phone? Turns out, you aren’t alone. According to a study conducted by researchers as Azusa Pacific University and U.C. Merced found that “23 to 33% of women surveyed had engaged in a foodie call.” Want to know the kicker? Researchers in this particular study found that people who were likely to engage in “foodie calls” were also the same people to have negative personality traits such as narcissism and more likely are to engage in deceitful behavior. What else are “foodie call” participants more likely to do? According to the study, they’reRead More →

Transforming professions isn’t as hard as it’s usually made out to be, especially if you have actually got the right resources to aid you make the change. For lots of web developers, currently is the ideal time to make the switch into UX style. To start with, there’s the monetary increase that features the change in occupation. According to PayScale, web developers in the United States make an average of $46,000 each year( 1 ), while UX developers on the various other hand gain a large $74,000( 2 ). Second of all, job opportunities for UX developers are b.Read More →

A mom of a 4-year-old is accused of dressing up in underwear and making love with the kid, then selling clips of the act upon the “dark internet” to pedophiles, according to authorities. The Sun records that the suspect, a Ukraine lady that remains unknown to safeguard the boy’s identification, is accused of marketing about 30 clips of the disturbing sex acts on dark web for around 3,000 Ukrainian hryvnia each, which equals around $110 each in the UNITED STATE. The 26-year-old likewise presumably took many adult photos with her son and marketed them too. After authorities caught wind of the woman’s claimed actions, theyRead More →