A supercharger, once it is installed on a motor, is going to provide your vehicle with a lot more power. It uses the power of the engine, connected by a belt, using the engine to compact the air. By doing so, more oxygen will be available to the Pistons. The power will also be registered by the sound that it makes. You can use a supercharger kit to boost that noise, and there are some that are extremely loud on the web. You can find videos to show you which ones are the loudest supercharger whine, and you will likely have links taking you to the page where you can purchase one for yourself.

supercharger working

Why Are The Superchargers Going To Make This Noise?

Superchargers are simply able to force more air or oxygen into the pistons. That’s why they will make more noise. What is amplifying the sound is going to be a kit which will take that sound, and turn it into a high-pitched whining squeal. This is preferable for those that have these devices. They like to hear that inside of the sports car that they are driving. Although they are going to be loud, without the cold air intake kits or sound tubes that are installed, it’s not going to be as impressive.

supercharger whine sound effect

Where Can You Find Examples Of This Online?

Examples of this online can be found with people that have them installed. They will be taking this for test drives. The clips are only about 30 seconds long on average, but you will get a general idea of what to expect. They can be installed by mechanics, or you could do it yourself. It will take just a few hours. As long as you have purchased the right one for the particular supercharger you are using, it will be a very easy process. You may not have all of the tools that you will need, which is why setting an appointment with a local mechanic would be the best idea for most people.

How Do You Find The Loudest One?

Useful info from Foster SC Mods that the loudest one will really depend on what you define as loud. For example, kits that centrifuges are going to make more of a whistling noise. If it is a twin screw kit, it’s going to be that classic whine that you have always heard before. The Procharger P1 it is one of the best and one you should consider investing in if you have a sports car like a Corvette or a Mustang.

Your evaluation of these different kits for improving supercharger whine will be essentially what you decide is the best for you. By the end of the day, you will probably place your order and have one sent to be installed. Make sure you go through the different videos, and also forms that are talking about this. There are probably social media sites that also have this information. Once it arrives, it out to sound exactly like what you heard in the videos, the best test for choosing these devices which can literally make your supercharger whine.

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