If you are getting older and your vision is starting to get cloudy, you might have cataracts. Cataracts are common and they happen as you age. They tend to worsen as time goes on and eventually it becomes difficult to drive at night and see well during the day. Since there is no cure for cataracts and they can’t be reversed, when they get serious enough to interfere with you will need cataract surgery.

Cataracts make the lens of your eye start to cloud over and you can even see this clouding when you look at your eyes in the mirror. Your vision starts to get blurry and your eyes become extra sensitive when you are out in the sun. You might find that you need much more light to see and at night you might see halos around lights at night. This can make it difficult to drive at night.

cataract surgery recovery

You are also going to notice that your eyeglass prescription keeps changing and that your vision is getting worse. Colors might not seem as bright and you could even start to experience double vision in one of your eyes. At first, you can manage cataracts by getting new glasses, but eventually, your eyesight is going to become so bad that you can’t see very well and you are going to need to have cataract surgery to remove cataracts so you can see again.

The cost of cataract surgery and lenses is going to depend on how much of the surgery your insurance is going to cover and where you plan to have the surgery. Surgery is going to be your only option to see well again since cataracts can’t be cured or reversed. Once cataracts start to make daily activities difficult, you will need to think about having the surgery.

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Important info by thesightclinic – During your surgery, the doctor is going to remove the clouded lens and use an artificial lens to replace it with. You are still likely going to need to use glasses or contacts to see well, but your cloudy vision is going to be gone. The surgery is safe and you should only feel uncomfortable for a few days. Your eyes should heal completely in about two months. Cataract surgery is the only way to completely get rid of your cataracts and it is going to make a big difference in the way you see.

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