If you’re trying to stretch your dollar as far as possible these days, that sometimes leaves you in a rough spot as far as dinner is concerned. Sometimes it seems you have to spend an arm and a leg just to feed yourself, let alone your family or friends. If you’re tired of emptying out your wallet at the grocery store as soon as you’re paid every Friday, you should consider adding some more affordable meal plans to your repertoire. With that in mind, Take 65 recommend some affordable and easy weekend dinner recipes:

1 – Make A Pot Of Spaghetti

You can make an absolutely huge pot of spaghetti for just a few bucks at the most. You’ll have to spend a bit more if you want to add meat of course, but a pound of ground beef should still only be a few dollars at the most, especially if you buy lean. The noodles themselves are among the most affordable items in any grocery store, and the sauce should only be up to $3 at the most. You can find a nice loaf of french bread to enjoy alongside it for about the same price in the deli section. Best of all, you can keep repeating it throughout the entire weekend since there’s definitely going to be enough to go around.

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2 – Make A Huge Salad

By the same token, you can always consider putting together a huge salad. Ahead of lettuce alone is incredibly affordable, and you can pick and choose the rest of your ingredients according to your budget. As long as you buy fresh, whole vegetables, you might be able to spend less for a large bowl of salad than you would for a single serve option at a restaurant.

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3 – Just Make Sandwiches

Finally, you can’t knock the convenience of making your own sandwiches. You can get oodles of bread, condiments, and the likes of meat, cheese, tomatoes, onions, pickles, and whatever else your heart desires for a pretty significant bargain. Easy dinner recipes for family is worth of homemade sandwiches will likely cost around the same as you’d spend on just one or two fast food burger meals or subs. You can even just stick with basic peanut butter and jelly if your budget is really on the tight side, and best of all: it’s actually really delicious!

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