What To Consider When Looking For A Catering Service

If you are planning an event and you would like to hire a catering service to make your event stress free, then it is a good idea that you visit this catering service. Below are some things you need to consider when looking for a catering service:

How many guests will be attending your event?
Before looking for a catering service, it is important that you know about the number of guests that will be attending your event. Therefore, consider the size of your party and expected guests before talking to a caterer.

Ask the catering service the number of guests they have catered before
Always remember that all catering companies are not the same. It is a good idea to hire a caterer that has the experience to take care of your event. Ask your potential caterer about how long they have been in business and what kind of events they have catered before.

Samples and photos
It is wise to have an idea of what to expect when you hire a catering company. Before you hire a caterer, ask for samples and photos of past work. The photos and samples will help you see the quality of work you can expect.

Payment terms and conditions
Most catering companies will require a deposit before catering your event. Ask you caterer about their payment terms and conditions. Some will require complete payment before catering your event. If you do have to make any deposit, ensure that you get a receipt and learn about their refund policy.

What happens if there are more guests than expected?
In most cases, guests decide to show up at the last minute or guests may bring one or more of their friends. Although this is normal, it is good that you consider this before reaching an agreement with a catering company. Reach an agreement with your catering company on how to care for unexpected.

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