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“Starting October 2017, Chrome (variant 62) will demonstrate a”NOT SECURE” warning if users input text into a form on an HTTP webpage, also for many HTTP pages in Incognito mode”

This IS a major deal and it WILL impact your site.

You might have recently heard of shifting from HTTP to HTTPS for your site and wondered what precisely is going on. Can it affect your site? When could you have to make the shift? How would you make the shift?

DEV406 is in addition to this latest shift and we can help you transition your site so that your clients will not experience any problems. Last week Google delivered an email to webmasters stating:

“Starting October 2017, Chrome (variant 62) will demonstrate a”NOT SECURE” warning if users input text into a form on an HTTP webpage, also for many HTTP pages in Incognito mode”

This message in Google suggests is part of a long term strategy to mark pages served over HTTP as not secure. This will contain pages together with text input areas, which will be basically any webpage using a form on it. As you may see, this can pretty much wreck up your site in the viewpoint of your clients.

Why would your clients be affected by this? Imagine if you’re on a website and all of a sudden you find a page marked’Not Secure’ but yet you’re being asked to enter your private information into a form. I am willing to bet you would think twice before doing so. Your clients will too.

While this will immediately impact anyone using the Chrome browser, then you can bet that other browsers will probably follow suit, therefore it is an issued that can’t be dismissed.  The fantastic news is, which makes the change to HTTPS is easier than you might expect.

An SSL certificate is required to produce the change to HTTPS. These certifications are for sale through many online stores and begin at $80-$100/year.  DEV406, as the hosting provider, can allow you to upgrade your hosting platform and set up the certificate at no additional cost to you.  We’ll even upgrade your site using the steps below, therefore it’s totally HTTPS compliant.

To make the turn on your personal computer, you can follow the following steps to guarantee that your website continues to operate flawlessly:

  1. Update everything. The very first thing we do is upgrade all of your information such as WordPress plugins and themes. While this has nothing to do with the SSL, it’s only a wise thing to do, only in case.
  2. Buy an SSL certification.
  3. Redirect HTTP to HTTPS
  4. Assess and ensure that your site is protected.

An HTTPS redirect doesn’t immediately make your site secure. Though your page is now packed over HTTPS, there might be components that are still requested via insecure connections. As a result of this you may see HTTPS in the URL bar of the browser, however the reassuring padlock icon that usually goes with it’s missing. That is the reason it’s best to have practitioners handle this change for you.

The outcomes of shifting your site to HTTPS, is that you will have the enviable’green padlock’ icon in your address bar using the phrase’Secure’ next to it. That is exactly what your clients want to view, and need to see if they visit your site. Not only that, switching to HTTPS will have a positive influence on Google’s ranking of your site. Based on this alone, it’s well worth making the shift.  Apart from that, the upcoming changes will have a huge negative impact on the sites that haven’t changed over. A giant, crimson, NOT SECURE notice will follow webpages and your consumer experience will be greatly affected.

Don’t wait! Make the change to HTTPS today.

If you’re a DEV406 hosting client, complete the form below to upgrade your own hosting and receive setup with your free SSL Certificate.

What’s involved with this upgrade?

  1. We’ll migrate your site to our hosting platform (without the downtime).
  2. We’ll setup and set up your free SSL Certificate.
  3. We’ll upgrade your WordPress site, plugins and themes to be completely HTTPS compliant.
  4. We’ll upgrade your hosting accounts to yearly billing cycle, with no additional charges.

When you have questions about this process, please contact us at info@dev406.com or telephone us at 406-545-2422.

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